Reviewing Summer Wetsuits

Reviewing summer wetsuits 

Doing a review on summer wetsuits is a much easier task than the winter suits.

For one reason there are so fewer criteria, a good number of the requirements / features of a winter wetsuit or 5/4/3 are to make sure they keep you as warm as possible, as much water out as possible whilst maintaining as much movement when in the suit as possible.

With the summer suits the criteria is different. For a 3/2 suit its all about flexibility and comfort, warmth is still important but as the water temperature is vastly warmer it becomes less of a high priority issue.

The top of the range summer wetsuits are all boasting lots of "features". Some have ported liquid seaming over from their winter range, which keeps more water out. Most are now boasting super stretch neoprene which is fantastic - as I mentioned above the flexibility of a summer suit is one of the key features. Quite a few manufacturers have had issues with the super stretch neoprene causing the knee pads to wear through quickly, often because this is a prime pressure point for duck diving (unless you use your feet like me!) The suits also can come with anti-flush systems and a wide variety of other small "perks", the popular front zip is also being ported over from the winter suit ranges which again keeps more water out.

In this country ( UK ) we are not in a state yet - global warming might change this but, currently our water is generally cooler more of the time than it is warm, so another important factor for a summer suit is cost. If you are only able to use it for a few months of the year before it's into the 4/3 or 5/4 then you are not going to want to pay the same cost as a winter suit.

We review the suits in a similar style to the winter suits. We will be looking at the things that matter - how the suit looks on you! (That's a joke by the way!) But seriously we will be looking at how well the suit is made, how warm it keeps you, how flexible it is - whether the features are worth the extra if you have paid a little extra for them! As with our winter suits we must stress that size is a huge factor - equally as important as with the winter suits as you are wearing less neoprene, although the water temperature is higher, in the summer you are more likely to want to stay in the water longer whilst you can without loosing toes. Therefore having a suit that doesn't hug your body in all the right places is a bad way to even start. So make sure you get properly fitted and always try the next size down before you decide!

One final note - again we must say a huge thank you to the manufacturers who participate in our reviews, without them it wouldn't be possible. We don't make any money from Sunset Surf so to have support from the big names really makes the little guy feel important. After all, we know the industry is booming - even in a recession, we may not like it, but to know that the manufacturers are not leaving the "real" surfers behind and without a care is an important factor.

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