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Triathlon wetsuit review

Well further to our inital posting on the new series of reviews we are doing focusing on trithlon kit, we are well into our triathlon wetsuit review.

We have very kindly had suits through from many of the big names, and are extremely excited about getting stuck in and comparing the suits, like for like to hopefully give you a good idea of what suit is likely to be best for you.

Watch this space as the results will be coming very soon.

Triathlon review
As one of the UK's fastest growing sports and one of the most fun, lots of surfers are turning to triathlons as a great way to stay in shape for surfing as well as compete in a challenging and enjoyable sport.
As part of this following on from our successful tried and tested reviews section over the next few months we are going to feature a number of reviews directly relating to triathlons, including wetsuits, tri-suits, bikes etc..

Surfers Against Sewage call for year-round protection for Pease Bay surfersThis year, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) asked all UK water companies if they had any plans to reduce their sewage treatment outside the bathing season (May - September). Outside the bathing season is usually the best period for surf in the UK and reducing sewage treatment increases the health risks for surfers and waveriders.

When SAS asked Scottish Water if they planned to reduce their sewage treatment, thus increasing the health risk to surfers and waveriders, they replied with "It is not a question of switching off treatment outside the bathing season, but rather switching on extra treatment during it". Just how stupid do they think we are?

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21 Days Later - Mentawais

We always like Mr B’s productions, they are down to earth and featuring “local” talent always makes for an appealing film. The familiar accents, the common way of relaxing and chilling out all strike a chord and seem a long way from some of the surf super stars where they seem to be rich beyond belief but without the soul.

The result is the film 21 Days later – Mentawais takes you away almost on an autobiographical holiday. As with all Mr B’s films they are wave packed.........

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Sunset SurfBuoy Height Text Alerts Trial Service

Whilst its great to be able to check the surf so easily when you are near a computer with internet access, and even using WAP etc on your mobile it still involves you remembering to check and actually doing it..

We have come up with the solution! Sunset Surf is now trialling a FREE buoy height and wind text alert service.

Currently this is just in trial to see how usefull people find this. Parameters that you can specify are: Buoy number, wave height, wind direction and wind speed. So for example when a buoy hits 10ft and the wind direction is Northerly you will get a text each hour those conditions are met. You can also specify the time you wish to be alerted, i.e dont get texts at 3am in the morning!

Currently this service is only available in the UK and to UK Mobile phones.

If you are interested in taking part of this trial, please drop us a note using the contact us form on the left and if suitable we will arrange to get you added!

If it works out sucessfully we will bring it online as a full service.



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